Berkeley Bound!!

Well, it’s official! (or it has been for a while) I’m going to UC Berkeley (Go Bears!)

I was a little confused there for a while, because I hadn’t payed my Student Intent to Register, but I just got confirmation from Cal Student Central that the money was allocated from my Regents scholarship. So no worries (at the moment at least)!

I’ve contemplated starting a blog before, or a youtube channel or study instagram, but I always get sucked into monetizing and seriousness. Honestly, I’m not looking for a career here, but an online outlet for me to share what I’ve learned, and hear from and maybe help people who are like me or want to hear about my life. Maybe there’s some of you out there šŸ™‚

So follow along if you want to hear about my life, any wisdom I might stumble upon, or anything else I really find interesting or blog worthy. Now, I’m not exactly sure how any of this really works, but feel free to contact me wherever you can find me! Ask me questions, or just chat, I’m up for it!

Now, back to Berkeley. For one thing, I can’t ever type it right on the first try (I’m smart I promise!)

More than anything, I’m afraid of how competitive and academically demanding the courses will be. I’ve never really been someone who devoted more than an hour or two a week to studying, so I’m already expecting how that’s going to change in the next few months.

I really intend to do as best as I can, and really refine my studying skills as well as pick up any other skills I can. All this is mostly why I made this post, so I can look back and remember my goals, and document how my growth goes.

In short: I’m going to Berkeley, I’m going to try my hardest to study in effective and efficient ways, and live my life to the fullest. This blog as of right now is to document this experience.


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