Using Your Phone To Organize Your Life


Almost everyone has a smartphone, usually with them at all hours of the day. If you have a cluttered mind like me, you might benefit from using your evil texting and time wasting machine to organize your life.

I use all these things on almost a daily basis, and I find that using them leaves me less stressed and feeling more organized, and sometimes more likely to get things done. Hopefully, some of these will help you too!

1. Reminders/Wunderlist

I use reminders super often to manage the random things I think of and remember in the middle of the day. I have like a billion lists, from shopping lists for different stores to to dos for college to a bucket list. Any time I think of something, I can write it down right then super quick in its list and it’ll be there for me when I look back.
Right now, my lists span the immediate, remember to do tonight, to the list of things to do once I’m settling into my new dorm room. Yes, I’m planning pretty far into the future, but hopefully I won’t feel completely lost/homesick if I have a bunch of things to do all lined up.

2. Google Calendar

I use google calendar for everything school related, managing homework, AP studying, clubs, review sessions, and other engagements I have. I’ve seen how some people use it, changing the color of each event for its particular category, but there’s a much easier way to do this. If you make a calendar for each of your classes, you can set default colors, specific reminder/notification settings, and all kinds of nifty stuff. And the best part is, you can select and unselect the calendars to choose which ones you want to show. For example, I’m trying to focus on things other than AP US Government right now so I don’t want to see the Gov notifications, so I unselect the box and boom, no pesky Gov reminders for me!

3. Habitica

I’ve heard a lot of people recommend this app, and I really love it. Instant gratification is a must have for me, and I find it super motivating. With quests and the group support, it really makes me stay on top of my dailies. I’ll probably post something on how I use habitica in the future, so just click on the tags if you can or look in the organization category.

4. Notes/Google Docs

Now I use these two like Lists, but for things that are larger/more verbose than a couple words. Right now, I use google docs to keep a list of the things I will be bringing to college, and the notes app more for mental rambling. I feel like it’s really beneficial to write down all the things that are bouncing around my head when I’m stressed or upset, so right now I have basically a whole bunch of rants from a couple months back. Plus, you can look back at it later, and it also kind of functions as a diary in a pinch.
And, an extra bonus, typing fervently into your phone makes you look like you have friends 🙂
So that’s how I organize my life with my phone, let me know in the comments if there’s anything I should try out, or something special you know about one of these apps 🙂

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